I took this picture and playin’ on adobe photoshop, finally the result:paint



I was search for boyish style, and I found these. Yesterday, I saw one of  “local band ” and lol…their style is GA BANGET, actually they are handsome and kinda cute guy, but I prefer they use these weardrobecoolwomanizercute

untitled-scanned-01sketch for maya. why I drawn it without face?! I’ll learn to draw with face..ugh..anyone help me.



bokap’s plaid shirt, choco belt,black tight, jeans boots from rainbows and guitar

Akhirnya aku blogging lagi. harusnya aku tetap fokus untuk blogging..tapi ternyata aku tidak terlalu tough ma keadaan ga terlalu kuat untuk semua..

ahh forget it! it is 2009! with nu spirit, I will continue my project and for this time, I’ll try to change these stuff become different stuff..imag0005

and suprisely, I made a mini dress! by myself and sewing by my hand not machine..wew.. here the resultimag00141imag00102

my-walletwhat you need to make this wallet

1. Fabrics ( unused fabrics, prefer to cotton )

2. magnetic button ( ada di toko2 jait )

3. hard plastic ( yang biasa dipake nyampul2 buku )

4. kertas karton tebal ( atau bekas dus )

5. busa ( yang aku pake busa bekas jok mobil )

6. resleting

7. scissor, benang kasur, jarum, beads

8.Be Extra patient

first time I brought it to campus and my frenz interested with it..so they order to me.hehehe..


With silver necklace and arcliric beads, glass beads. I am sorry this picture isn’t really good. I made it last nite..just put the beads on my silver neklace.