Design diary

Dear Tutut,

ini salah satu contoh desainnya. maaf gambarnya tidak terlalu bagus.. nanti info aku ke mobileku kalau kurang jelas. Thanksscan1


yellow-1yellowhehehe…I try to make some of illustration sketch..

hihihi..I try to draw with different style..untitled-scanned-02


untitled-scanned-01sketch for maya. why I drawn it without face?! I’ll learn to draw with face..ugh..anyone help me.

I made these design last was difficult drawing by mouse on computer…really. but finally I finished draw the result..hopefully I got my money and then can realize my design..(amiiiiin) sigh…batik-on-bow


My friend, who think she is look fatty, ask me to make some design for mini dress.These are my design for dress,. Although you’re look fat you can wear both of those dress. Important think, you must have a self confident to wear them.if you have betis yang agak besar, you can wear mini dress yang  punya aksen di dada atau pinggang sehingga mengurangi perhatian ke betis. Yang lainnya, untuk model kerah aku recommend yang lebar sehingga kesannya leher lebih jenjang. Untuk shoes aku prefer ke flat shoes  without accsessories on wirst on your foot coz it does make your leg more thin.:p but then, that’s just my opinion…:)


and last nite, I had some ideas for others mini dress, here they are..