Many Things happen in MoshiGoshi..Just wanna show you all that I love Fashion, art,jewelry,handicraft..anythings which make my mind spinning around with sense of creative..I love it so Damn..

If you interested with our design or our silver jewelry collection , please feel free to contact us at: / 0361-7412089 / 081338613861(sms only) or just leave your comment.




4 Responses to “About”

  1. MadeAdi Says:

    make the crowds, beibe….
    love your dsign…
    if you’re about to make this essentiall, try blogwalking… or blogjogging.
    turn your visitors into consumers..
    anyway, i need wedding dress design, soon…

    1. moshigoshi Says:

      thanks bro, I’ll send da design, soon.. ( buat siapa negh?? groomnya apa bride nya??)

  2. wisnu Says:

    kak,inget ya ajarin buat blog,
    biar band’a punya blog gt,
    nie wisnu adekmu tp pke e-mail cewekku,
    add dia aja heeeeeeeee
    kak foto’a keren banget fotoin atu yaph pake xlr-nya kak sudarma

  3. moshigoshi Says:

    makasih ya. okeh gus wisnu,,kapan-kapan kita photo shoot bareng..

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