hahaha..finally I wore this gladiator wannabe sandal today and suprisesly my brother like the gladiator sandal. but he suggest I have to buy the batik fabric don’t use mum’s batik pants.yuuhuu bro I like recycle, de pants doesn’t fit anymore on mum’s body, so it become unused pants. unused stuff become a wearable stuff it is ok,isn’t it? what da ya think?? am I right?


everybody saw my foot, is there something wrong with my sandal??

I went to met  my boyfriend in his office. yup he work overtime today coz he got an order, I just “nebeng” to scan my design (hey, zee loves my gladiator sandal wannabe too, I am in honour ), after I felt so hungry. honestly I want to help him to finish his job, but he said it isn’t necessary, I am scared too if I do wrong in his job. so I decided to go home and had lunch after my mum asked me to cut hers hair.yeah I opened saloon only for my mum, finally I got fee (yeah!! I LUV u mum)hahaha although only IDR. 10.000 its so meaning for me. and now I can in Warnet for browsing and blogging  too.

Btw, yesterday zee and I went to magz shop, and stop by on circle K, I wore this