November 2008


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hahaha..finally I wore this gladiator wannabe sandal today and suprisesly my brother like the gladiator sandal. but he suggest I have to buy the batik fabric don’t use mum’s batik pants.yuuhuu bro I like recycle, de pants doesn’t fit anymore on mum’s body, so it become unused pants. unused stuff become a wearable stuff it is ok,isn’t it? what da ya think?? am I right?


everybody saw my foot, is there something wrong with my sandal??

I went to met  my boyfriend in his office. yup he work overtime today coz he got an order, I just “nebeng” to scan my design (hey, zee loves my gladiator sandal wannabe too, I am in honour ), after I felt so hungry. honestly I want to help him to finish his job, but he said it isn’t necessary, I am scared too if I do wrong in his job. so I decided to go home and had lunch after my mum asked me to cut hers hair.yeah I opened saloon only for my mum, finally I got fee (yeah!! I LUV u mum)hahaha although only IDR. 10.000 its so meaning for me. and now I can in Warnet for browsing and blogging  too.

Btw, yesterday zee and I went to magz shop, and stop by on circle K, I wore this


I do sketch  this picture,and do some editing on  photoshop,  hmm here the result..



I made this design last nite at 1:00 am, I got inspiration and make this. it made from silver, so maybe next week I’ll go to silver maker and wanna realize these..hope  it  the silver maker can make same as my design, hope so .

“True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”

– Jason Jordan

I’m so desperate for old sandal which I found in my mum’s box. I just think hard how to make these sandal become different stuff. I am looking for my mum’s old ‘batik’ pants…. gladiator wannabe sandaland Inspired by the gladiator shoes which is ” so In” I decided to add the batik pants after I cut it onto my sandal….:)hehehe..after I make this my mum mad with me coz I use hers batik pants..hihihihi..but I am happy with the Nu Batik gladiator wannabe sandal ( is it too long name ?)

I was read my friend (Diana) yesterday..and hers DIY stuff which is hers hand made really cute stuff and it gave me inspiration for publishing this blog. Coz I luv make DIY s

tuff too. And example likes this. yesterday in my cloudy day I put my old ‘junior high school bag, unused flat shoes and looking some beads and patch material and….here they are.. I felt in love with it. I don’t know what the reason made me really really ( yeah , double really ) happy yesterday. Don’t care about it. but I’am proud with my self coz I did my DIY bag by myself, and the result…. what do you think??

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